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Personen nahmen an 50/50-Veranstaltungen teil

Our on-line tool will help you to calculate energy and financial savings achieved in your school / your building as a results of energy saving measures introduced by the energy team. It will also help you to monitor energy consumption and its changes over time.

The tool is very easy to use – you just need to enter basic consumption data and energy prices and the computer will do all the calculations for you! It will not only show you how much energy and money you have saved, but also how big was the CO2 reduction accompanying these changes. The results of these calculations will be presented in a brief summary report that you may distribute among the building users (to motivate them to achieve further savings!) and the whole local society.

The tool was developed within the IEE EURONET 50/50 MAX project and has three versions, addressed to three different groups of stakeholders:

  • Version 1 is designed for project partners and/or municipalities that are responsible for calculating and reporting official energy and financial savings achieved within the framework of the project. It is available after logging in with an individual login and password
     To enter version 1 of the tool, please click here
  • Version 2 is designed for all the schools participating in the 50/50 Network. It may be used for educational purposes during their work with the Energy Team and other pupils involved in energy monitoring and saving activities. It is also available after logging in.
     To enter version 2 of the tool, please click here
  • Version 3 is a trial version designed for the general public. Anyone can use it to calculate energy and financial savings achieved in his building without the necessity of logging in. In this case, however, the results will not be saved in the system.
     To enter version 3 of the tool, please click here

Would you like to learn more about the calculation methodology before entering the tool? Click on the links below:

If you need further support, please contact the tool administrator at Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!.