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Project observers

Project observers are a very important part of our 50/50 community. They are following our activities and results, support us with their advice and help us to disseminate the 50/50 concept as widely as possible using their network of contacts.

In each project country there is at least one institution, which plays the role of an observer and is regularly informed about our developments. These are energy agencies, educational organisations, professional associations, NGOs active in the field of environmental education, public authorities, thematic networks and many others. The list is not closed, so if You would like to join the team and become the EURONET 50/50 MAX observer yourself, contact us!

What are the observers doing to spread the 50/50 concept? Many things, including:

  • dissemination of information about the project and its results among their partner organisations, schools and members of other networks that they are engaged in;
  • using their lobbying skills to encourage national, regional and local authorities to incorporate the 50/50 concept in their strategies;
  • supporting schools and other public buildings involved in the 50/50 Network with their expertise and educational material;
  • launching implementation of the 50/50 methodology in their own buildings.

If you would like to see who is observing the project in your country, click on the map below.


Project observer from Austria:

Environmental Education Forum

Logo Environmental education forum Austria The Environmental Education Forum (FORUM Umweltbildung) combines more than twenty years of experience in environmental education with innovative and groundbreaking educational approaches, especially in the field of education for sustainable development. The organisation offers educational support via publications, websites, events (e.g. conferences and workshops), innovative flagship projects, educational networks, educational funds and personal contacts. It works for a target group of educators in the formal (school and university) and non-formal (further education, adult education) educational sector in Austria.

FORUM Umweltbildung is an initiative of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management and the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education and Women's affairs. It decided to observe and support the EURONET 50/50 MAX project as it fits very well with its work area (education for sustainable development) and is a good idea for schools and municipalities to save energy.


Project observer from Croatia:

Croatian Association of Primary School Principals (HUROŠ)

Logo Croatian Association of Primary School PrincipalsThe Croatian Association of Primary School Principals (HUROŠ) supports cooperation between primary school principals and their joint work on solving problems distinctive for this type of educational centers. The Association was established on the 10th of February 1995 and currently has 772 members. The goals of the Association include:

  • improvement of basic education in the Republic of Croatia,
  • cooperation with government, local authorities and administration,
  • participation in drafting relevant laws,
  • protecting the interests of the Association and its members,
  • international cooperation with schools, associations and institutions,
  • organization of seminars and conferences,
  • cooperation with the media.

The Association decided to become an observer of the EURONET 50/50 MAX project as - being deeply involved in the problems of schooling and education of children - it recognized its educational value for this and for future generations. As HUROŠ is a strong association, which works with nearly all primary schools in Croatia, it has been recognized as a good partner for the dissemination of project ideas and goals. Children are the best advocates for the concepts included in the project and they are the ones, who will one day become the new leaders. It is therefore important to include them and educate them on the need to save energy from a very early age.


Project observers from Cyprus:

Centers for environmental education


Cyprus Pedagogical Institute


Ministry of Education and Culture


Union of Cyprus Municipalities


Union of Cyprus Communities


Project observers from the Czech Republic:

Environmental Division of the Municipal Authority of the City of Brno

Logo City of Brno Czech RepublicEnvrionmental Divison administers all issues related to the environment in the Statutory City of Brno, which is located in the center of South Moravia and is a regional city of South Moravian County. It counts approx. 400 000 inhabitants and is the second biggest city in the Czech Republic (after Prague which is the capital). City’s Environmental Department is very interested in the EURONET 50/50 MAX project and – since the project proves to be successful and methodically useful – it considers its future introduction in primary schools in a wider scale.



Municipality of Mrákotín

Logo Municipality of Mrakotin Czech RepublicMrákotín is a muncipality located 7 km from the town of Telč, on the road between Brno and České Budějovice. It counts 930 inhabitants and is a member of the Microregion Telčsko, which connects 48 municipalities cooperating in the field of energy and waste management. Mrákotín's mayor is a vice-chairman of this organisation.

The municipality decided to follow and support the EURONET 50/50 MAX project because it helps to raise people's awareness in the field of energy and to increase efficient use of energy in public buildings, which is important both for the municipality and the region. Therefore, through its activities within the microregion Telčsko, Mrákotín actively promotes the 50/50 concept.


Project observer from Finland:

Motiva Ltd.

Logo Motiva FinlandMotiva Group is an expert company promoting efficient and sustainable use of energy and materials. Its services are provided to the public administrations, businesses, communities and consumers. Motiva operates as an affiliated Government agency (an in-house unit), and its functions will be developed as such. The company’s entire share stock is in Finnish state ownership.

Motiva decided to become the EURONET 50/50 MAX observer and support the project as it has extensive expertise in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy, also specifically of energy saving at schools and energy related EU projects. Motiva has a lot of useful knowledge and experience and also a strong belief that there is a huge energy saving potential in the public buildings. Also, Motiva has been following the previous EURONET 50/50 since its beginning in 2009 and they know the project well.


Project observers from Germany:

Environmental Education Department of the Federal Ministry for Environment


Federal Association for School Energy Education

Logo Federal Association GermanyThe Federal Association for School Energy Education (Bundesverband Schule Energie Bildung) is a federation of German non-profit organisations and public authorities who support schools in saving energy and climate protection projects.


Project observer from Greece:

Center for Environmental Education in Archanes

Logo CEEA GreeceThe Center for Environmental Education in Archanes (CEEA) was formed in 2002 on the basis of the Decision no 72942/Γ2/11-07-2002 of the Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs. It is operating since December 2003 and its staff comprises of educators from both the primary and the secondary levels of education. The aim of the organisation is to sensitize and educate pupils, students, educators and other social groups on environmental issues of local and global importance. The main actions include:

  • development and implementation of different projects in the field of environmental education (EE),
  • organisation of training meeting and seminars targeting educators and representatives of other social groups,
  • development of educational and training material,
  • supporting environmental projects carried out by schools located in the region where CEEA operates;
  • formation and coordination of thematic EE networks,
  • promotion of research in the field of environmental education.

The CEEA also promotes liaison and cooperation with universities, EE officers, other Centers for Environmental Education, local governments, NGOs, local associations and other entities. The organisation is very interested in the 50/50 concept and is thoroughly following implementation of the EURONET 50/50 MAX project, helping to spread its results among its partners and other contacts.


Project observers from Italy:

Italian Network of Local Energy Agencies (RENAEL)


Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development (ENEA)


National Association of Italian Municipalities (ANCI)


Province of Chieti


Province of Firenze


Region of Tuscany


Project observer from Latvia:

Riga Energy Agency (REA)

Logo REA LatviaRiga Energy Agency was established on the 23rd of January 2007. It is responsible for the management and coordination of energy supplies in the municipality of Riga, as well as for implementation of different projects and actions aiming at increasing energy efficiency, increasing RES use and raising awareness among the local population. The organisation decided to follow and support the EURONET 50/50 MAX project as it is fully consistent with the REA's goals.


Project observer from Lithuania:

Association of Lithuanian Local Authorities (ALAL)


Project observers from Poland:

Municipality of Gdynia

logo GdyniaGdynia is the third largest seaport in Poland on the south coast of the Baltic Sea. It currently has about 247 thousand residents. More than 45% of the city area is covered by the forests. Gdynia protects its natural resources and landscapes through various environmental activities aimed at, among others, reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Therefore the city has become the observer of the EURONET 50/50 project.

A perfect complement to the previously carried out thermal retrofit of 17 educational buildings (which made it possible to achieve 40% energy savings) would be active involvement in the EURONET 50/50 project, which demonstrates how proper monitoring of energy consumption, educational actions and change of habits can help to increase energy and money savings.


Union of the Municipalities of the Wisłoka River Basin

logo WislokaUnion of the Municipalities of the Wisłoka River Basin is seated in Jasło and comprises 22 municipalities from the province of Malopolska and Podkarpackie. It is aimed at improving the natural environment and promoting sustainable socio-economic development of this territory.

Therefore numerous projects are implemented by the Union, focused on the water quality improvement by reordering waste water management, waste management, tourism development and environmental education. Precisely because of the member municipalities interest in this subject, as well as the possibility of widespread promotion of EURONET 50/50 MAX results, the Union decided to become the project observer.


Project observer from Slovenia:

Association of Municipalities and Towns of Slovenia

Logo SOS SloveniaAssociation of Municipalities and Towns of Slovenia (SOS– Skupnost občin Slovenije) is the biggest Slovenian association representing local authorities. It was established in 1992 and currently counts 173 member municipalities (out of total of 210 Slovenian municipalities). Tasks of the Association are, in particular, implementation and representation of local communities’ common interests in proportion to coordination with legal and regulation acts, which, with their solutions, impact on municipalities’ situation. The Association works actively in the EU's COR.

SOS decided to follow project EURONET 50/50 MAX because as the biggest representative association of municipalities they understand the role of every municipality in areas such as energy and environment. Schools, being an important part of every municipality, are a major factor in general energy consuption an CO2 emissions, so it is important for SOS to support projects, that tend to make difference for the better and for the benefit of everyone.


Project observers from Spain:

Observers engaged by the Province of Barcelona

Bizkaia Provincial Council

Logo Bizkaia Provinical Council SpainBizkaia is a province located in the Basque Country. The Bizkaia Provincial Council is a public body that governs and administers the Bizkaia region. The historical figure of the Deputy General heads the Regional Government. The latter is elected by the Provincial Parliament of Bizkaia The Deputy General elects, in turn, the Regional Deputies, who head the various departments that make up the Regional Government. Currently, it is formed by the following Regional Departments: Agriculture, Culture, Economic Promotion, Environment, General Deputy, Presidency, Public Works and Transport, Social action, Treasury and Finance. The Bizkaia Provinical Council decided to follow the EURONET 50/50 MAX project as recently it has approved its Sustainable Energy Strategy (EESB) and recognized the schools as one of the institutions that have strategic importance for changing the energy consumption culture.



Giorna Provincial Council

Logo Girona Provincial Council SpainGirona is a province located in the Catalonia region. The Girona Provincial Council is a public institution that provides technical, financial and technological support to councils of 221 municipalities locates on its area, as well as coordinates some of their services. It also provides direct, supra-municipal services to the citizens. Its seat is located in the city of Girona. The council decided to follow the EURONET 50/50 MAX project as they are interested to acquire knowledge on successful methodologies to save energy at schools. At present they are applying the 50/50 concept in 10 of their schools.



Lleida Provincial Council

Logo Lleida Provincial Council SpainLleida is a province located in the Catalonia region. The Lleida Provincial Council is a second-level public administration that provides technical support and gives resources to the municipalities located on its area. It also develops policies and strategies promoting sustainable development of the whole provincial territory, paying special attention to services and actions strengthening the community. The council decided to follow the EURONET 50/50 MAX project as it is interested to implement the 50/50 concept in schools and other facilities of their region.



Gironès County Council

Logo Girones County Council SpainGironès is a county located in eastern Catalonia. It provides the municipalities located on its area with services, which - due to its features - cannot be done by themselves, as well as safeguards the interests of the region. It also coordinates these services done by local governments, which have supra-municipal importance. The council decided to follow the EURONET 50/50 MAX project as they want to further involve their schools in energy saving actions. They started working on energy issues with 4 schools in 2012, implementing good practices in the area of energy management. As a result total GHG savings of 34,131 tonnes and total financial savings of 15 217 € were achieved. Currently, the county council is applying the 50/50 methodology in 6 of their schools.



Osona County Council

Logo Osona County Council SpainOsona is a county located in central Catalonia. The Osona County Council is a public body that provides services to the municipalities of the region, assists them, advises them and gives them tools to facilitate their day-to-day operation. It focuses its attention especially at supporting small municipalities, because they have less technical and human resources to fulfill their duties. The council decided to follow the EURONET 50/50 MAX project as, through the Local Energy Agency of Osona (ALEO), it is undertaking efforts to cut energy costs and CO2 emissions by implementing energy efficiency measures and developing renewable energy sources. It is also implementing the Desendolla't project aiming at saving energy at schools - in 2013 they managed to achieve 10% savings on electricity consumption and 30% savings on thermal energy consumption.



Node Garraf

Logo Node Garraf SpainNode Garraf is a public organisation formed by public authorities and social partners of the Garraf Region (Province of Barcelona, Catalonia). Its mission is to impulse local strategies aiming at improvement of the economy of the territory and engaging local companies in activities providing further employment and ensuring richness of the region. Node Garraf decided to follow the EURONET 50/50 MAX project as they are interested to implement the 50/50 concept in schools and other facilities of their region.



Observers negaged by the Province of Huelva 

Provincial Energy Agency of Huelva

Logo Provincial Energy Agency of Huelva SpainProvincial Energy Agency of Huelva is a non-profit organization set up in 2001 under the auspices of the European Commission’s SAVE Program by the Diputacion Provincial de Huelva, Area de Desarrollo Local (Provincial Government of Huelva, Local Development Area).

The Agency participates in European projects related to energy implementing actions at the local level, provides advisory services for municipal entities and organises trainings for professionals, technicians, teachers and students of all grades.



Sustainability Department of the University of Huelva

Logo University of Huelva SpainLogo Sustainability Department University of Huelva SpainThe Sustainability Department of the University of Huelva is a representative entity, competent and responsible for the environmental policy of the University. Organically, it is a part of the research vice-rectorship and the Experimental Sciences Faculty.

The department emerged in March 2008 to raise environmental awareness and promote actions and volunteerism contributing to sustainable development, both among the University and the whole society of Huelva. The department’s fields of activity include:

  • Environmental management
  • Environmental education
  • Environmental Volunteer
  • Environmental Information and Communication

The Department of Sustainability is a benchmark for environmental sustainability within the University of Huelva that unifies the most relevant aspects of the two types of public buildings involved in the EURONET 50/50 MAX project. It is also a teaching center and public administration with great influence on educational programs of future teachers, educators and professionals.


Europe Direct Huelva

Logo Diputacion de Huelva SpainLogo Europe Direct Huelva SpainEurope Direct Huelva (European Information Centre of Diputación de Huelva) was inaugurated on the 9th of May 2005. It is a part of the Europe Direct Information Network which was created by the European Commission in 2005 and consists of 498 centers across 27 countries which are EU member states.

The center is a bidirectional transmitter of information between European institutions and local organizations, therefore it can significantly contribute to the dissemination of the 50/50 concept and the EURONET 50/50 MAX project. Its impact is even bigger as it belongs to European-level network very active in the field of dissemination of information, initiatives, events, projects and best practices.